Sunday, February 11, 2007

first draft or revision

I've read more articles than I can count on the battle among writers who toss around the question that a first draft is easier or harder than a revision. Personally, first drafts aren't my thing. Getting the first draft down can be physically painful at times and I long for the draft to be finished so I can go back and revise. Anyone else feel the same or different?

In other news, I got a nice, pink letter in the mail from Sweet 16 yesterday confirming that the mag bought my quiz and that its publication date is undetermined. I immediately queried them again, so we'll see what happens.

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Ella Enchanted said...

I hear ya, sister. First draft is the most painful thing in the world for me. Especially since I am always making last minute changes. They aren't just small ones too - I'll be 'oh, no, maybe THIS one should die' and 'hmm, someone's missing' and 'maybe I'll take this one out.' Excrutiating!

After you've finally hit that last period on the manuscript, I really feel like I have it more put together. I know that there is going to be so much change, but I'm a lot more positive - I've done the hardest part.