Friday, November 17, 2006

Harper Teen Round Two Ends

A big congratulations to "filbertmm" who won round two of the Harper contest! I sincerely thank all of the voters who put me in the final ten and I appreciate your votes! :)

I feel very honored to have been given one of the "Player's Picks" by "EllaEnchanted" and an "Author's Pick." The well-known author Jodi Lynn Anderson endorsed my piece and I am so grateful, thank you!

Also, the wonderful author Rachel Vail gave my piece these comments:

"The dialogue is terrific -- it sounds real and moves the action along. I wanted more! How does she answer Max when he asks her out? What does Dave say to her after?"

I start creating the round 3 entry later today. I'll cross my fingers and hope to do well again.

NaNo stats are coming are some of my favorite comments on my round two entry from other teen participants:

Plot: Excellent - the last lines were really gripping, however, the rest of the story didn't really feel as tense or ominous as it should have been (3.5/5) Style: Awesome (4.5/5) Diction: Quite good (3.5/5) Characters: Definitely solid (4.5/5) Overall: (4/5)

How did THIS get into the Top 10???

I liked it. It was well written as far as I'm concerned and I really enjoyed reading it. You deserved the author pick that you got. Congrats!


It's ok... sort of makes Dave sound like a naive pervert though... I don't think he's supposed to be like that.


Mary Danielson said...

Congrats on finaling, Jessica! I absolutely love your writing...I cant wait to see what you do for this round!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you already have fans! How great that NaNoWriMo is going so great for you too!