Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Agents and Queries

My novel draft is really shaping up today! I've divided 45,000 words into 35 chapters. At first, I wasn't sure how to decide where to divide the chapters and I finally decided to separate wherever it felt natural.

I dove into my 100+ issues of The Writer and Writer's Digest and marked every article I found on writing YA fiction and writing letters to agents. I used and found a great listing of agents that represent YA fiction. I wanted to start selecting agents so when my final draft is complete, I'm ready to start emailing. I wrote the query I want to send to agents and I'll just personlize it before sending it. The query was difficult to write but with the help of magazines, books and Web sites, I think my query is strong.

On another note....Harper round 5 finalists are announced today! Best of luck to the nearly 400 entrants! :)

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Mary Danielson said...

I loooove Writer's Digest so much, it is just such a helpful magazine! Good luck with querying once you get exciting, Jessica!