Sunday, December 24, 2006

Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays to all! I can't believe it's December 24 already! I'm still eating Halloween candy. :) Florida is going to have a soggy Christmas with 1-2 inches of rain and temps in the low 70s. Not Christmas weather but I shouldn't complain after seeing the blizzard conditions in Denver.

I'll be spending today with my family. We're going to watch a few movies (The Da Vinci Code, Lassie, Miracle on 34th Street) and just relax.

My manuscript is actually looking good. I'm proud of how well it has shaped up. I finally got all of the pages set to the correct standards, finished the final proofreading and am now checking that the chapter numbers are in correct order. For some reason, half way through the book I skipped from chapter 17 to chapter 35. What's that about??

Again, Happy Holidays and be safe!

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