Friday, November 24, 2006

Black Friday and Harper Results

The HarperTeen FanLit results for round 3 are posted. A VERY big congratulations to Mary for winning! You go girl! I'm so excited for her and she definitely deserved to win. Round 4 starts today at 3 and I'm ready to write and see what happens.

So, my chapter landed in 16th place out of 596 submissions. Not too shabby, I guess. :)

I'll be busy today trying to get my NaNo word count up. I'm at 42,000 and counting.

Happy Black Friday!


Ella said...

It is not shabby at *all* Jess. Congratulations! Next time, you're a shoe-in for the finals! :)

And I echo your sentiments re: Mary. Her chapter is amazing and I can't wait to read the prompt! Don't you just love Fridays?

The Wannabe Writer said...

Why thank you, Gabriella! :) I do LOVE Fridays! Can't wait to swap stories!

Stephanie Janulis said...

Congrats on #16!!!! That's fantastic!!! Btw, I cannot believe you're at 42k!!! I haven't entered a word count for Nano but I'm not even remotely close to being a quarter to the way through, let alone 8k away from 'winning'! You're going to be my!

Mary Danielson said...

Eep! Thanks so much for the mention, Jess! Have I stopped jumping up and down yet? Definitely not!

And 42k? Dang, girl! You are flying through that book, I can't wait to read it on the shelves. Don't think I wont be the first one in line to buy it!!