Wednesday, November 29, 2006

One more note...Made Harper finals!

Harper round 4 finalists were announced and I'm surprised and honored to find my entry "Mission: Spell Book Swipe" in the top ten. :) If you're under 21, head over to Harper and VOTE! All of the top 10 entries are equally excellent and deserving of a win.

Check it out here...HarperTeen Fanlit.


Mary Danielson said...


It is definitely deserved, I loved your chapter! (because, well, I love all your chapters)

Stephanie Janulis said... isn't surprising at all that your chapter made it into the top ten! I love your writing! I'll be heading over to vote shortly!!!!

The Wannabe Writer said...

Thank you, ladies! I really appreciate the congrats! :) This contest just keeps getting more exciting each week, if that's possible!