Saturday, November 11, 2006

Quick Update

So, this is unrelated to NaNoWriMo for now. I'll add an update with my stats later. First, the Harper contest round two began yesterday! I submitted my first entry and am working on two more entries. It's time consuming and it's easy to be sucked in to rating, voting and submitting, but it's worth it. I never thought I'd write paranormal (ever!) and I've done that now.

Second, this is BIG. It's not a done deal but a wonderful editor at Sweet 16 asked to see a quiz on spec! I've been querying this editor for over two years and have always received nice rejection letters. This time was different. I opened the email, expecting another rejection and was beyond shocked to see a request for my quiz. I'm trying not to get my hopes up but this would be a HUGE for me to land this.

So, this weekend's writing goals:

* Up the NaNo word count
* Enter 2 entries in Harper contest
* Send quiz to Sweet 16

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