Thursday, November 16, 2006

Comment from Harper Judge

Harper Teen draws to a close for round two in 25 hours! I just received this great comment from Namoi Rothwell, one of the judges from HarperCollins, who has assisted on projects by Meg Cabot.

She wrote: "You create a very funny moment when Jane grabs Dave and drags him into the girls' bathroom. I think that's one of the best situational comedy moments I've read here. Dave was a little prickly in this one, which actually made him more complicated (and more like a best friend). Nicely done!"

NaNoWriMo stats coming later today....

Edit: (10:33am)

Just received this wonderful comment from author of Peaches Jodi Lynn Anderson.

"I loved this chapter because it gave me such a strong sense of the characters. I love that Dave can't help staring at the tampon machine, and the comment about the boobs landing on the floor. I also like where we leave off -- you've given us a sense that something big is going on but you've left a lot of room for whatever that *is* to unfold. Great job!"

Ooh! Just got this response from Meg Cabot:

"Fantastic dialogue. Love the pop culture references. Would have liked it if the author had spent a bit more time on the scene with Max asking her out. We never even get to hear her response! Although we assume she said yes, I would have liked to SEE her say yes!"

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Anonymous said...

Just saw your name over at The Knight Agency Blog, so I thought I'd pop over and check you out...

VERY impressive! Congratulations on the final and getting all those FABULOUS critiques/comments!!!

Best of luck in the final round!