Wednesday, November 22, 2006

NaNoWriMo Day 22 and Harper Finalists Announced!

Got that comic from NaNoWriMo's daily comic spot. It TOTALLY applies to my daily life when I'm trying to work and my cat will not leave me alone. You try typing 60 wpm with a 9 pound feline on your hands. Not easy, folks!

So, Harper's round 3 finalists were announced. I was disappointed not to make the finals but am proud of the top 10. There is stiff competition this week, more so than any other week. I have rounds 4-6 to keep trying, so we'll see what happens.

I started conducting interviews for my Florida Trend's NEXT Magazine article and haven't had luck reaching anyone yet. I think the holidays have drawn people out of their offices. No big deal, I'll try again next week.

I finished reading a YA book Frozen Rodeo (funny!) and Confessions of a Teen Nanny 2, which was also YA. I've never read YA fiction until the past few months. I think I went from kid-lit to adult-lit and I'm enjoying the YA genre, since that's what my novel is focused on. This week's read Secret Society Girl. I can't wait to crack that one open. It has been taunting me to read it all day but I had to get my NaNo word count up. It's now hovering at 40,781. Yay!!

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