Friday, November 10, 2006

NaNoWriMo Day 10

(That's the English building at my university. About 1500 other English majors are milling around in there either reading Conrad or writing a paper on feminist lit.)

Today's NaNoWriMo Stats:

Word count: 25,266
Sanity level: 97.6%
Character deaths: 0

Ah! I hit the coveted half-way point at last! Yay! That made reaching 50,000 words seem possible. I'm ready to spend the weekend writing and hopefully get that word count up over the weekend.

So, I've been browsing the Internet for resources to help me with my YA novel draft. I've checked out dozens of books from the library on agents, writing a query, writing a synopsis, etc. Then, around midnight last night I found a great contest. The Delacorte Press Contest for First YA Novel. The contest requires the submission of a YA manuscript with the deadline being December 31, 2006. Now- do I furiously edit for a month and submit my MS or do I take my time and edit it for a year and submit in 2007? I would try to submit this year but once a MS is submitted, it cannot be submitted the next year. Hmm. Decisons, decisions.

I'm also participating in the Harper Teen FanLit contest and round two begins today! I didn't make the cut this week but I'll be trying my best over the next few weeks of competition. Check out the contest at

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