Friday, January 05, 2007

Boy mags

Florida has been dealing with severe weather all day, so I've been limited to (gasp!) a pen and paper while my computer sat inactive for most of the afternoon. Yes, it was happy to have a break.

I have several new queries that are begging to be written and I am going to start on those immediately. Well...after watching a Gilmore Girls rerun. :)

I'm heading back to Books a Million tomorrow to loiter for way too long and read the mastheads of new magazines. I am maxed out on queries to "girl" magazines. I have queries sitting in the inboxes of every teen girl magazine possible (except for CosmoGIRL- I am not yet worthy) and I need a new outlet. So, I'm heading for boy magazines. I'm sad to say I haven't read Boys' Life or any of the other magazines geared for little guys. I'll be doing that tomorrow and I have a spectacular profile/interview subject for the 8-12 boy group.


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