Wednesday, January 10, 2007

School Daze

I finally got my classes swapped and ended up with two great literature classes "19th Century British Novel" and "Senior Seminar in Literature: Anglo and Caribbean Literature." I've read very little Caribbean lit so this will be a new genre for me.

For my article and essay workshop, we read In Translation by Julianna Baggott. Baggott is a professor at my school and is someone who also "does" along with teaching. She has several books in publication as well as numerous articles. I had read profiles of her but had not read her work until last night. I'm hooked! She has a distinct clarity, strength and original voice that I want to study more of her writing. I wish now that I had applied to take a writing workshop with her. Her writing is amazing.

I won't be doing any of my own writing on Wednesdays since I go to class on Tuesdays and Thursdays, Wednesdays are now homework days. Thursdays will now be like Fridays and I'll have Friday-Monday to write.

Back to Emma!


Ella said...

Jess!!! Girl, how have you been???? It feels like forever since I last raided your blog!! Terribly sorry for dropping off the face of the earth. Holiday trips, you know. Heh. What have you been up to? I was so sad I missed the last half of the contest! You need to catch me up. :)

Stephanie Janulis said...

Congrats on getting fabulous classes! I'm jealous! I wish I had taken more of that stuff, but I had placed out of all of my English classes and took elective classes like biblical archaeology and whatnot. lol. You'll have to tell me about them, also, I'm curious about Baggott...sounds familiar but I'm not sure if I've heard of her.

Jessica Burkhart said...

Hi Steph! You should look up Baggott on Amazon or another site. She has an interesting list of works and you may find something new that you like to read. I got really, really lucky this semester with classes! I hope your semester goes well! :)

Jessica Burkhart said...

Hey Gabby! So good to hear from you! It's good that you're back. Are you home now? The last half of Harper was quiet, actually. I don't know if many people are still hanging out there or not. Did you have a good holiday? :)