Tuesday, January 09, 2007


Today's classes were a interesting. I'm doing some swapping with my schedule and am trying to move around a few of my English classes. My first class wasn't as engaging as I'd hoped (the reading material was dreadful) and I'm hoping a new class opens. This is the first time I've switched classes. Normally, I stick with whatever I first register for but it's my last semester and I'm trying to get the classes I want.

Last night, I sold an article on spec to Writing for Dollars. It's my first "trade" publication and I was thrilled. The article is 500 words on "5 Ways to Increase Your Website Traffic." I also got an e-mail from Brio and the editor asked to see a quiz I pitched on spec. I've got to get that off soon. It killed me today to be in class for 4 hours and not have my computer. I got used to working on it 24/7 over break.

I'm up to my ears in textbooks and I need to get back to work. :) The joys of university life!

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