Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Workshops to Reprints

Today was my workshop for the article and essay class I'm taking. I'm pleased to say that it went better than expected. The workshop started off with about 15 minutes of criticism and suggestions for change, which can be hard to sit through without being allowed to speak. I took pages of notes and breathed a sigh of relief when that part was over. The workshop then opened for questions and any needed clarification was given. I think the class liked that I took a risk with my subject topic and it was something different. I won't be workshopping again for eight weeks or so. Whew!

Also, I received the new issue of Positive Teens with a reprint of one of my articles previously written for PT, about my ordeal with scoliosis and spinal surgery. That was my first reprint, so I was proud. :) I do a lot of counseling with young girls who are going through spinal surgeries, so it meant a lot to me that PT chose my scoliosis article to reprint.


Tori said...

I had spinal surgery about five years ago. Not a very fun experience, and I remember wishing that my physical therapist would go very far away. :) Congratulations on your first reprint. It's another first to check off your list.

~Em~ said...

Workshop is always fun, isn't it? I gave my workshop friends last semester the first pages of my novel, and they really helped me alot. Yes, it sucked having to sit there and not be able to say a word until they were done, but once I got into it it was so much fun!


Jessica Burkhart said...

My spinal surgery was about 7 years ago, and yes, not fun. I'm glad that's behind me!

Jessica Burkhart said...

Em, I like workshopping more than I thought. Essay workshopping is so much different than fiction workshopping, it feels so much more personal. :)