Saturday, January 13, 2007

top 7%- yay!

Woo hoo! Just found out that I'm currently in the top 7% of the College of Arts and Sciences out of over 9100 students. That's nice! I'm trying to get that up to 5% when I graduate. I got a couple of B's over the summer and they destroyed my 4.0. Arg.

I just finished editing a poem for a client and she was pleased with my work. She's sending a second poem and editing poetry has sparked a renewed interest in poetry for me. I wrote many poems years ago and stopped when I took up magazine writing. I may try my hand at it again.

I'm trying to finish reading Emma and start Oroonoko. I have a couple of new YA writer Websites that I've been checking on and the more I read, the more my interest in this varied field grows. There is an incredible amount of room to be creative with YA fiction and by reading a handful of YA books in the past few weeks, I've gained more ideas for my next manuscript. :)

Happy weekend!


Mary Danielson said...

Top 7% is wonderful - congrats!

Don't you love writing YA? The freedom is so much more than almost any other genre - perfect for writers. I'd be really interested in the websites you found - I've been google-ing a lot, but it is so difficult to wade through the muck.(From stalking your blog, of course, I am now addicted to half the sites on your links list! Very helpful.)

xo erica lee said...

just wanted to stop in and say that i love reading your blog. i'm a young writer myself and it interests me to see what other people my age are doing. keep it up =]

Jessica Burkhart said...

Mary, thanks! :) When I can (I'm SWAMPED at the moment) I'll get a few Websites together for you. If you found good ones, I'd love to see them.

Erica Lee, Thanks for browsing! :) Your blog is great and I love hearing from other writers who are doing the same. Good luck!

Alyssa Goodnight said...

I love reading YA too, but I think I'm a little too distanced from the audience right now to write it. I don't know any teenagers! Seems weird to me.

Congrats on the 7%--it's very impressive, but I'm sure you'll get it up if you're motivated.

And I like your new blog title. ;)