Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Tween Mags

Well, I'm back to classes on the 9th and am trying to use the rest of my break to read (Freedom Writers), catch up on phone calls (great to talk to you, EW and KH!) and keep updating my Web site. Since I put up my editing and proofreading services, I've been incredibly pleased with the response. I'm in talks to edit a few poems, a magazine article and a few resumes. I spent some time in Books-a-Million this morning looking at the new magazines and I found several that I haven't heard of before. The tween section of BAM is really booming and several new mags are sprouting up. Magazines such as Six78 and Logan are new and hopefully ripe for queries. I sent my first query to Cat Fancy today and hope I hear back from them in a few weeks.

I looked at my blog's stats today and there have been over 300 unique viewers and 670 total views since I started the counter in late November. Someone even found my blog by searching for "Hungarian ice sculptures." :) Very interesting.

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